Bronia Dick

Bronia Dick is 23 years old living in Luganville. She is deaf and can’t communicate.
When she wants to communicate with people, she reads lips of them. So, if you can’t read her lips, you can’t communicate with her without writing.

There is no national sign language in Vanuatu, that’s why who are deaf can’t learn any common sign language and they use original home sign language.

Bronia had been to Aore Adventist Academy School until grade 12.
When she was student, she received discrimination kind of teasing merciless from the other students. In that time, she went home and stayed home to stay out of any trouble.
She said, “I don’t mind people talking and say bad things to me. People sometime do not like me because they cannot speak my language.”

After several years, Bronia started doing her own business of painting clothes. At the moment she stopped doing her painting business because she doesn’t have enough funding and no interpreter to assist her.
She said, “It’s hard to sell my product because nobody understands my languages and signs.”
“After attending some activities organised by VDPA, I am now empowered. Now I want to do business of painting again. And I need some financial support for that.” said Bronia.

And now she is raising her daughter who is 7 years old while doing all the housework.
She has a very strong heart and power to live by herself, but if there are any help and kindness from the others, her life will be more brighter in future.

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