“Talking Hand Social Day”

On 12th November, VDPA organised “Talking Hand Social Day” in Luganville, Santo with Vanuatu Society for People with Disability (VSPD).
Over 30 people joined us from Luganville town, South Santo, and east and west Malo.

Participants learned basic sign language they learn how to finger spell the alphabet and number. After that, participants all of us are were able to introduce themselves by signing their names.

In Vanuatu, People who are deaf and hard of hearing do not attend school because there is no national sign language. They use their own home sign to communicate with the community members.
Communication and information is a big barrier for them.

The purpose of organising these activities is we want to have a National sign language.
Our deepest gratitude to the Vanuatu Skills Partners for funding these activities.
This is the first step to achieve our goal.

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